A solid set of core values and the utmost integrity


Project partner

I asked Julie to write a short piece about my work as an artist working with a participatory practice, making audio visual installations .

I’ve always struggled to communicate what I do, to my audiences, and often find that they have to experience it in order to know what it is. This is in part due to being dyslexic but also being a visual artist with a participatory practice that’s about visual and experiential communication.

Julie has a great ability to translate complex ideas with clarity and precision. She held a mirror up to my work and I recognised it as being what was in my head, my thoughts, my words assembled as a true textual communication.

She is down to earth, brilliant at cutting the crap, recognising what is slowing a project down and how to be productive, highly recommended.


Jill Impey

Has an innate ability to collaborate and use the strengths of others to make a new project work


Project partner

Mindful of the importance of solid governance and oversight, project planning, financial management and evaluation of outcomes

Safeguarding advisor