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Funded project

Early-years music

June 2013 to present

The “Mini Music model was developed by music therapist Davina Wilson as a reaction to the commercialised events she was experiencing with her new baby. Drum and Brass has helped to grow the programme with grants from LRFC and Children in Need. Mini Music uses real instruments, singing and movement – good for carers and for babies alike – in a sociable, welcoming environment. The sessions help baby development, language and attachment and resilience and are largely led by the babies and children themselves. Parents/carers are fully involved and the chance to interact closely with their own children and other people through music makes this project hugely popular (see one of our Facebook pages here) but also extremely beneficial for young families who are bombarded with images and comparisons of how they ‘ought’ to be living.

Funded by Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation