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“As it currently exists, the classical music world is … suffering from a perennial and pervasive diversity crisis”
Working to break down the myths around who makes music, for whom and what

Brass Tacks is the product of CEO Julie Hoggarth’s 20 years in community arts. Julie is an artist, campaigner and teacher. She realised that as a social practice, music-making is central to our lives. Yet a large part of society is barred from instrumental playing for reasons including class, money and myth. She is a passionate advocate for “inclusive music” which is to say, music that bars no-one, for any reason.  Inclusion comes in many forms because communities are very varied. Groups like Open Orchestras and Chineke! are two approaches but this is just a start. Brass Tacks currently runs an inclusive brass band in Cumbria. Julie is also a trustee of several music organisations, which are pioneering inclusive approaches to music making including BBE, Drum and Brass and Bishop Street Arts. To find out more and get involved, check out our case studies, opportunities and products below. Music is for everyone, let’s play!


Case studies, advocacy and action to promote inclusive music-making, read our blog.


Find out more about why brass bands are good for communities. If you live in Cumbria, why not join our beginner brass band? You can borrow an instrument, learn the basics and discover all that playing in a local band can offer you.



Images from the No Bars_Music exhibition

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