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brass tacks
Bid writing support

Brass Tacks is the product of over 20 years of experience in the arts. Having successfully delivered community projects in music and the creative arts, I now support small-to-medium sized organisations to shape projects and bid for funds from a range of funders including Arts Council England, Youth Music and the Heritage Lottery. The funding bar is rising all the time so support needs to be worth your while, 

You need practical guidance with sector knowledge and a clear understanding of the legal and regulatory landscape. I have strong research and linguistic skills and a good track record of successful applications for arts and social impact projects.

As a trained bookkeeper, evaluator and campaigner for inclusion, when i help you write a bid, I’m helping you move your whole enterprise forward.

Drum and Brass £29,800.00 Youth Music

In “The Brass of the Saff”, young people from diverse backgrounds will come together to make high-quality music and gain teamwork and leadership skills. The band will promote pride, confidence and identity in an area facing many challenges.

Paul Mazzitelli DYCP £10,000

The time is right to launch a record label which
combines skills, experience and networks in electronics and sound art.
Project funding will enable the release of 2 albums created at our dedicated

The Chapel Gallery ACE £14,785

The Chapel Gallery is an audience-development project which will explore ways
in which artist residencies can inspire Leicester communities, post-lockdown, to
re/engage with high-quality arts

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